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I’m all about maximizing one’s wardrobe utilizing the “remixing method”. It’s the best way to increase what I call, Wardrobe Inventory.  Having a large quantity of clothes really isn’t necessary, great, but not necessary.  I find, the more I have, the less there is & the harder it is to make a decision on what to wear. Now, you don’t want to have too little because then there possess to be an issue with noticeable repetitiveness.

Shirt 1- a flannel, plaid shirt worn 3 different ways:

Outfit 1-  worn as an accessory, wrapped around the waist.


Outfit 2-  Worn as a cover-up or light jacket over a tee-shirt.


Outfit 3-  worn as a shirt, but belted to give it a spunkier look.


Shirt 2- a high-low, tuxedo back button top:

Outfit 1-  worn in the winter under a faux fur vest casually with jeans.


Outfit 2-  business casually worn with slacks & a blazer, appropriate for the workplace.


All items from my current wardrobe.

Tidbit: Finding multiple ways to wear the same pieces is key to expanding one’s wardrobe.  Happy remixing!


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