Casual Flow

Some months ago I visited a “pop-up” shop in College Park, Georgia. For the life of me I can’t remember the name shop. {feeling perplexed by it} I apologize!

As of 2015 skirts have become an interest of mine. They’re so not my thing. Figured since I encourage my clients & others to wear them that I should wear more of them.  Baby steps though, baby steps. My wardrobe consists of about 10 skirts now. Oh yeah!! That’s the most I’ve ever had at one time.

It was the high-lo style & the high waist that got me.  This style has been common for some time now. I do have some other high-lo styles in my wardrobe, didn’t have a skirt though. The fact that it ties in the back was cool, but not the sealer of the deal.  The light-weight material was also a plus. Hmm, I’m thinking the next time I wear this skirt  I’ll pair it with sneakers or combat boots. What ya think?!


Casual Flow

Enjoying the lovely breeze of the wind with the kiss of the sun that spring offers. Rocking items from my current wardrobe. The denim dress is fairly new to my closet as it was purchased on sale from Francescas during their “end of year” sale. Decided to wear the dress as a jacket instead; the first time I wore it as a dress. Unfortunately, there’re no pictures of that fit. Shucks!

Simple white, sleeveless button down with a pair of black skinny denim. “Kissez” pumps by Betsey Johnson worn to add a little extra spunk & they provided just that. 


Business Casual

I’m all about maximizing one’s wardrobe utilizing the “remixing method”. It’s the best way to increase what I call, Wardrobe Inventory.  Having a large quantity of clothes really isn’t necessary, great, but not necessary.  I find, the more I have, the less there is & the harder it is to make a decision on what to wear. Now, you don’t want to have too little because then there possess to be an issue with noticeable repetitiveness.

Shirt 1- a flannel, plaid shirt worn 3 different ways:

Outfit 1-  worn as an accessory, wrapped around the waist.


Outfit 2-  Worn as a cover-up or light jacket over a tee-shirt.


Outfit 3-  worn as a shirt, but belted to give it a spunkier look.


Shirt 2- a high-low, tuxedo back button top:

Outfit 1-  worn in the winter under a faux fur vest casually with jeans.


Outfit 2-  business casually worn with slacks & a blazer, appropriate for the workplace.


All items from my current wardrobe.

Tidbit: Finding multiple ways to wear the same pieces is key to expanding one’s wardrobe.  Happy remixing!


Casual Flow

With the “cold shoulder” being 2016’s summer fashion trend going into fall, it was only right I return from a sabbatical in the trendiest way possible.

This summer I got a chance to serve some of that “cold shoulder” or that “deep shoulder action” several times. Honestly, with all the heat we’ve been experiencing it was perfect. I really don’t do trends, per se, but this one is super cute & reminds me of the fashion during the 1950’s & 1960’s. Fashion really does repeat itself & I love it.
I didn’t do much shopping this summer to challenge myself even more to wear what I have using the “remix method”. Very successful I must say (patting myself on the back).

I wore this dress in Costa Rica while on vacation. Wow, this dress has been in my wardrobe since 2010 & worn several times. It was one of the first items I had ever purchased via Victoria’s Secret catalog; when I found out they sell more than just under garments.


This dress was a must have from Express that was purchased with a gift from the mister. You could only imagine my excitement when I realized he was listening to me that day we were perusing through the mall.img_5704




The white top is a gem that had been sitting in my closet since 2014 purchased from a designer I connected with at a fashion show. Designer, Norahs Khan posted this top on her Facebook page & I had to have it. Mind you, at the time it was purchased I had no clue where I’d wear it. How I was going to wear it was “in the bag”. With no events worthy enough to break out the top resulted in it sitting in my closet unworn for 2 years. The irony here is the day I finally wore the top I attended a fashion show where Norahs Khan’s fashion was being displayed & I had no idea. Imagine that!!


Here’s another beautiful top in my wardrobe made by Norahs Khan only worn once by me & once by Maxine, the mannequin…lol.

This top is brand new to my wardrobe purchased a week ago at Fab’rik in Buckhead, GA. The top was purchased with the fall in mind. I plan on wearing this one again during the cooler temperatures. Oh yeah, this was also a gift from the mister.
Needless to say, I’m definitely ready for fall & the opportunity to rock this top again.  img_6246

Tidbit: The “cold shoulder” look can be enjoyed in the fall.

Date Flow


So ummm, on this particular day I completely forgot that I work in a conservative environment and decided to get dressed in an outfit that was a bit risqué. There was no way I could’ve walked into the workplace dressed like this.  All of my thighs were exposed with each step I took.funny-black-man-face-shocked-e1337411871915

It was totally impossible for me to pull this off as a work outfit. If I worked in a more liberal, fashion friendly environment, it would’ve been on point.

Thankfully that night I had a movie date which it was perfect for. Oh yeah, I was determined to wear this skirt after it sat in my closet almost the entire winter with the tags.  Unsuccessful!!

IMG_3159IMG_3156Tidbit: Dress accordingly for the environment, workplace, occasion or event.  Don’t be unsuccessful.

All items worn were featured on the blog previously except the fringe skirt purchased from JustFab– membership required to order.






Casual Flow

Mark by Avon does it again! Every time I say no more spending any unnecessary coins I check out the Mark catalog then another item purchased.

My Avon rep showed up with a catalog filled with goodies.  I managed to only purchase one item instead of the 5 “must haves” circled. Not too bad!!

IMG_3321 (Edited)

The blazer was a must have.  I couldn’t resist purchasing it.  Oh yeah, did I mention there was a 20% off coupon located online.  #winning

There’s no such thing as too many blazers, although this past winter blazers weren’t my first choice.

 As stated in previous blogs, blazers are the perfect accessory. IMG_3191 (Edited)They can be worn casually with denim & a tee shirt, business casually or traditionally, as business wear. Heck, wear ’em with shorts, why don’t you.

The blazer was worn both times casually.

Tidbit: Before ordering online via any website, search online coupon codes because you just never know what’s available.  Try multiple codes if need be; one just may work 🙂


Business Casual

When I try not to spend my coins, but my Avon representative shows up with a new catalog enticing me. The eye catcher this time were the Silver Streak Sneaks.  I had to have them. IMG_4878I ordered them along with a pair of pumps that were a must have too. IMG_4870 (Edited)Truth be told, I had no clue how I was going to wear my new sneakers or with what for that matter, but I knew I wanted to wear them as soon as they arrived. After all they took forever to arrive due to an error with my address.

The day I decided to wear them was a work day for me so I had to pull off a successful business casual look with a little flare. All black was the simplest way to go & most appropriate. The brief case was worn to give it the business feel (there was no real business going on in that brief case…lol).

IMG_4867 (Edited)The attention these sneaks received was incredible.  All I could do was rant & rave about how comfortable & affordable they are. They are super worth it! Go get you a pair before they’re sold out.

All other items worn are remixed pieces from my wardrobe .

Tidbit: If you don’t have an Avon rep, please feel free to use mine, Esther Blackwood. Coupon codes can be used when ordering via her website.


IMG_4879 (Edited)IMG_4869 (Edited)

Casual Flow

IMG_4859 (Edited)

When you get invited to a high school graduation and have no clue what to wear.

What do you do? Pants were totally out of the question, purchasing something new was not an option; after all I have a closet full of clothes that can be remixed.

Temperatures were expected to be hot, so something cool, yet cute was the objective. Decisions, decisions, decisions! Okay, got it! A simple t-shirt dress & duster. The duster worn as a layer of color since the dress was solid. Both items had been worn before separately.

You know I am all about remixing pieces in an effort to save coins. For the graduation I decided to remix the items locking them together with a braided, fringe belt. The Express Belt is new to my wardrobe. Faux suede belts seem to be a common accessory for spring 2016.

What I Wore:

Duster- Similar

T-Shirt dress Similar

Shoes- Similar

Tidbit: Layers are totally acceptable during the spring months. Enjoy them!!



Casual Flow

The days in Atlanta, Georgia have finally warmed up enough for me to ditch the jackets & break out the white attire. I am too excited! Don’t get me wrong, I prefer the fall & winter,  I can’t deal with the up & down temperatures we’d been experiencing. My body is confused.

I’m a big believer in the rule “no white after Labor Day”- no wearing white shoes or pants unless attending an all white event. I still live by certain beliefs, but wouldn’t impose them on a soul.


Sunday’s brunch with my ladies was the perfect opportunity to shed some white on things…lol. I finally got the chance to wear my new white Levi’s purchased in March on sale at Macy’s. The blouse was purchased eons ago from NY&Co, sitting in my closet collecting dust.  Funny, at one time it was one of my favorite items to wear.  Can’t tell because I haven’t worn it in over 2 years.  That’s one of those pieces that are timeless and should never be let go.

Every closet should have those timeless pieces that remain in style; in my opinion. After all, fashion is what you make it. Wear what you like & like what you wear.

Tidbit: Create timeless pieces based on your own sense of style.


Business Casual


Winter in Georgia is so unpredictable. Cold today, freezing tomorrow then warm the following; you just never what the temperature will be. Well today was one of those warmer winter days where a jacket wasn’t needed, but long sleeves were a must. Today’s outfit accommodated the weather perfectly.

All items worn are from my current wardrobe with a few items that have made appearances on the blog before.  Never be afraid of remixing your clothes.  The cape was featured on the blog some months back & it was worn just last week with a skirt (not pictured or blogged).


This was a comfortable work day for me. Thank God for a business casual environment.

Items worn:

Cape- Similar

Printed Pixie pants- Similar

Long sleeve tee- Similar

Wedge booties- Similar

Tote bag- Similar

Please note exact items are no longer available. The wedge booties & tote bag were purchased from Shoe Dazzle.




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