Business Casual

356Warmer weather calls for lighter colors & fabrics.  It has slowly been getting warmer & warmer; guess it makes perfect sense since it’s spring.  I’m not ready for the heat wave headed our way. Yes, yes, I prefer cold weather.

I’ve been on a green kick for a while although pink is my favorite color.  There’s something about green; it’s a fun color & can be worn year round.  The light weight, neon green sweater, recently purchased from Target, has been paired with olive green slacks from my existing wardrobe & previously featured on the blog. Oh yeah, it’s quiet alright to mix old with new. By the way, the sweater is available in several colors.  All the colors were tempting me, but I was strong & left with only one.

The handbag is new to my accessory inventory, purchased from Marshalls.  A spur of the moment purchase while shopping for my son & a few others. It was only right I treat myself too.


Items worn:

Light weight sweater: Target

Satin ankle length pants (similar): New York & Company

Rock & Republic pumps (similar): Kohl’s

Cross body handbag (purchased in store): Marshalls

363 357

Enjoy & be blessed!!


Work or church outfit using items from my current wardrobe.  Typically the clothes I wear to work are not worn to church & vice versa, but not in this case. Certain outfits can serve multiple purposes. I’m a huge believer in dressing appropriately for the occasion; one must look the part. Hey, if the dress code calls for business or business casual attire, honor the request & wear what’s required, but in order to do so one must know the difference.

For example, ladies, just because the shoe has a heel doesn’t necessarily make it work appropriate.  Let’s consider the reason the shoe was purchased in the first place. If the shoe was purchased to wear to a party, club or formal event chances are they are inappropriate for work.  In a nutshell, not all items are appropriate for the workplace. Of course this depends on one’s work dress code .

Ok, enough with the lecturing…lol. The lace tank top, used as a shell came from Target a few years ago, yet never worn. Another item lost in my closet with the tags. So unsuccessful! Found it while transitioning my closet for the spring & summer months.

IMG_0802 IMG_0798

 The items worn are no longer available, but similar can always be found at the retailers listed below or those listed in my previous posts.

Items worn:

Grey blazer (similar): Old Navy

Lace tank used as a shell (similar): Target

Black skirt (similar): Dress Barn

Patent red belt: Target

Patent black pump: Macy’s

Enjoy & be blessed!!

Business Casual

Well, it seems like the weather in Georgia is warming up.  Not looking forward to the heat coming our way, tired of the rain & happy for some sun.  Savoring the few days of winter weather before the heat wave.


As you can see this blue jacket has become a favorite item in my wardrobe. This fit is a combination of items from my current wardrobe & new items.  The sweater dress & tights are new; purchased as birthday gifts to myself last month.  Now that we’re in March I cannot purchase anything for myself as per my February 12, 2015 post: every other month no unnecessary spending.

 IMG_0756The dress was darling & I had to purchase it.  Wearing dresses isn’t really my thing, however, I am venturing out of my comfort zone slowly, but surely.

IMG_0755 Items worn: IMG_0757

Grey sweater dress with faux leather trim (no longer available): Mark by Avon

Royal blue long jacket (no longer available): Old Navy

Purple & grey stripped tights (purchased in store): Target

Black low heeled-wedge boots (old): KMart

For those items that are no longer available, similar can be purchased at the retailers listed above or those previously listed.

Enjoy & be blessed!!

Business Casual

IMG_0631Fitted to accommodate the cold weather we’ve been experiencing in Atlanta. These cold temperatures call for warm clothing. This is the first time this winter I had to break out a “long” jacket.  Anyone who knows me knows bomber jackets paired with scarves are my thing.

The royal blue jacket is new to my wardrobe; purchased just two weeks ago.  Clearly I am addicted to shopping.  I had been eyeing the coat on Old Navy‘s website since the start of 2015 without committing to the purchase. When I finally decided to make the purchase it was still available in my size; it was meant to be. The other items worn are from my current wardrobe. Believe it or not, the GAP slacks have been part of my wardrobe since 2001. Don’t be afraid to hold on to certain pieces if they still look good & can be worn again. Remember I mentioned before utilize the dry cleaners to keep clothes looking fresh.  Regardless of the price the item was purchased for, take it to the cleaners; trust me, it’s worth it.


Items worn:

Royal blue long jacket (currently available): Old Navy

Black ruffle button down (old): New York and Company

Ash grey wool slacks (old): GAP

Chinese Laundry black “Sheer Bliss” boots (currently available): Macy’s or Chinese Laundry

For those items where the exacts are not available, remember similar can be purchased at the retailers listed above or those previously listed.


Business Casual

Today’s work look; all items from my current wardrobe.  The slacks worn are part of a set with a matching vest, but I decided to wear them individually.  Breaking sets, suits or uniforms provides the illusion of having an abundance of clothes, creates variety & allows for some fun. Trust me, I do it all the time and get compliments or statements assuming there are tons of clothes in my closet.


When going through my closet I always seem to find items that have been neglected, for example the slacks, belt & shoes.


Challenge: build new ensembles separating suits, sets and uniforms. 

Items worn:

Burgundy corduroy peplum blazer: Dress Barn

White nylon long sleeved shirt: New York and Company

Tan with brown pinstripes pant: New York and Company

Camel colored patent pumps: Ann Taylor

Camel colored patent belt: Ann Taylor

Brush pink with white polka dot scarf: Mark by AVON

Silver multi-wear necklace: Paparazzi Jewelry (my consultant is C. Renee McLain)

Exact items no longer available, but similar can be purchased at the retailers listed above or those previously listed. Consultant needed to shop Paparazzi Jewelry.


Business Casual

IMG_0528So, I purchased something new.  At least I successfully made it through an entire month.  Not too bad!!  New goal: every other month no unnecessary spending.

IMG_0526 IMG_0525

The dress & tights were purchased this Monday on sale at Old Navy. The dress was $12.99 & the tights were $1.99; couldn’t leave them there.  They were calling me…JReid! The boots are from my current wardrobe.


Items worn: IMG_0522

Black dress (purchased in store): Old Navy

Black with burgundy polka dot tights (purchased in store): Old Navy

Black low heeled-wedge boots (old): KMart

The exact dress & tights are no longer available at Old Navy online, but can be purchased in store (while supplies last as they are on sale); similar items available online.  Similar boots available online at KMart.

Similar items are available at the retailers listed above or those previously listed.


Business Casual


Woke up this morning to the pitter patter of rain on the windows.  Of course, I was not expecting rain & had already decided on a certain outfit that now had to be changed.  Seems like it’s been raining just about every other day in Atlanta since the New Year. I just can’t take anymore.


All items worn are from my current wardrobe & have been for several years.  The boots however, are newer to my wardrobe as they were one of my last purchases toward the end of last year. So far I haven’t purchased anything this year. Yes, it’s only the 12th day of the year, but typically I purchase something for myself once a week.  I still plan on treating myself, just not as often. Sometimes we just have to treat ourselves.


Items worn:

Grey 3 button sweater jacket (no longer available): Express

White v-neck shirt (still available): H&M

Black khakis slacks (no longer available): Dress Barn

Chinese Laundry black “Sheer Bliss” boots (available in patent): Macy’s

Black knit hat: purchased a local beauty supply store

For those items no longer available, similar can be found at the retailers listed above or those previously listed.


Business Casual

Alright guys, I really have an issue! I have a closet of clothes with items that are barely worn or never worn. Don’t get it twisted now, I don’t have tons of clothes, but I sure do have enough to substantiate not buying any for a while.  The problem is, I get bored with the same things then buy more to add to what’s already there.  Heck, if funds weren’t an issue I’d surely be apt to purchasing a new wardrobe yearly with the exception of those few items I just totally love.  Since that’s not the case, I try to hold on to those pieces I know I’ll wear over & over, getting rid of those I know I can live without.


This Sunday I challenged myself to wear items within my wardrobe that haven’t been worn in years.  Not only did I find clothing, but also found boots that weren’t worn last winter.  Strange thing is all items worn I actually really like, yet seemed to have forgotten about them.  Tisk, tisk, tisk!!!  I mean down to the accessories (handbag & necklace) were completely neglected.

IMG_9805                                                   IMG_9807

Items worn:

Blush pink long cardigan set: New York & Company

Royal blue corduroy pencil skirt: Old Navy

Colin Stuart slouchy boots: Victoria’s Secret (brand no longer available via VS)

Necklace: Dress Barn

Ostrich handbag: Avon

Exact items no longer available, but similar can be purchased at the retailers listed above or those previously listed.


Business Casual

Work fit, black with a touch of burgundy. IMG_9395All items from my current wardrobe except the shoes, a recent purchase.  Caught these leather oxfords on sale at  Naturalizer for a whopping $10 back in August; just in time for fall. Originally $80, could you imagine my surprise when I saw the sales price?  I couldn’t leave ’em! Nothing like a great pair of leather shoes… and for an awesome price.  They are uber cute & comfortable.

The black ruffle button down shirt worn before, featured in one of my October posts remixed with a pair of charcoal colored capris & a burgundy corduroy blazer.


IMG_9398                                        Items worn:IMG_9397

Black ruffle button down (old): New York and Company

Charcol capris (old): Dress Barn

Burgundy Corduroy Blazer (old): Dress Barn (similar)

Black leather oxfords (no longer available): Naturalizer (similar)

Black with silver buckle belt (old): New York and Company (similar)

None of these exact items are available, but similar can be purchased at the retailers listed above or those previously listed.


Business Casual

IMG_9631Today’s work fit was inspired by the lovely fall weather we’re having in Atlanta.

All items are from my current wardrobe.  The New York and Company cape , however has never been worn.  After standing in the closet trying to decide what to wear & digging through my tub of sweaters, there it was, sitting with the tag looking unloved.  According to my friend that’s “baller status”…ha, ha.  More like “unsuccessful”!  I completely forgot I purchased it over 2 years ago.

IMG_9633The handbag has  been part of my accessory closet for well over 5 years.  The first handbag I ever purchased from Target & ever since then I’ve been addicted to that store. IMG_9632

Items worn:

Blanket Cape: New York and Company

Long sleeved black tee: Target

Tuxedo capris: Mark by Avon

Camel colored patent pump: Ann Taylor (similar)

Brown patent woven handbag (old): Target

Multi-chain necklace (old): Dress Barn

None of these exact items are available, but similar can be purchased at the retailers listed above or those previously listed.


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