Business Casual

IMG_0528So, I purchased something new.  At least I successfully made it through an entire month.  Not too bad!!  New goal: every other month no unnecessary spending.

IMG_0526 IMG_0525

The dress & tights were purchased this Monday on sale at Old Navy. The dress was $12.99 & the tights were $1.99; couldn’t leave them there.  They were calling me…JReid! The boots are from my current wardrobe.


Items worn: IMG_0522

Black dress (purchased in store): Old Navy

Black with burgundy polka dot tights (purchased in store): Old Navy

Black low heeled-wedge boots (old): KMart

The exact dress & tights are no longer available at Old Navy online, but can be purchased in store (while supplies last as they are on sale); similar items available online.  Similar boots available online at KMart.

Similar items are available at the retailers listed above or those previously listed.


Casual Flow

A busy day of errands, a hair appointment with ZMahogany & motherly duties called for comfort.     IMG_0310Unfortunately, we’re not getting any snow in GA, but it has been cold enough for layers.

IMG_0307 Still no shopping thus far.IMG_0347

All items worn from my current wardrobe.  The goal is wearing what’s in my closet; so far so good!


This fit was colorful with mixed prints: grey & white stripped sweater, camouflage jacket & multicolored flats. Remember, it’s okay to mix prints.  

Items worn:

Camouflage jacket: Old Navy

Fuchsia Calvin Klein infinity scarf: Retailer unknown

Light grey & white stripped sweater: Old Navy

Mint skull studded skinny belt: Target

Destructed boyfriend denim: GAP

Missoni flats: Target

Exact items no longer available, but similar can be purchased at the retailers listed above.

Have fun mixing prints & remixing your clothes.

Casual Flow

IMG_0209Last Friday’s casual work look.


All items worn are from my current wardrobe; some items have been around for years while others not as long. The Avon shoes are newest to my wardrobe as they were purchased sometime the beginning of this fall.

Items worn:

Green faux leather jacket (similar): Dress Barn

Fuchsia Calvin Klein infinity scarf (gift): Retailer unknown

 Yellow stripe boyfriend button shirt (looks solid white, but not): Old Navy

The Diva skinny jean: Old Navy

Leopard print belt (no longer available): Ann Taylor

Gold tone shoes (no longer available): Mark by Avon

Similar items can be purchased at the retailers listed above or those previously posted.


Business Casual


Woke up this morning to the pitter patter of rain on the windows.  Of course, I was not expecting rain & had already decided on a certain outfit that now had to be changed.  Seems like it’s been raining just about every other day in Atlanta since the New Year. I just can’t take anymore.


All items worn are from my current wardrobe & have been for several years.  The boots however, are newer to my wardrobe as they were one of my last purchases toward the end of last year. So far I haven’t purchased anything this year. Yes, it’s only the 12th day of the year, but typically I purchase something for myself once a week.  I still plan on treating myself, just not as often. Sometimes we just have to treat ourselves.


Items worn:

Grey 3 button sweater jacket (no longer available): Express

White v-neck shirt (still available): H&M

Black khakis slacks (no longer available): Dress Barn

Chinese Laundry black “Sheer Bliss” boots (available in patent): Macy’s

Black knit hat: purchased a local beauty supply store

For those items no longer available, similar can be found at the retailers listed above or those previously listed.


Casual Flow

Running errands & shopping for a client the Saturday after Christmas called for comfort. It’s officially winter, but somehow still warm out. Haven’t been able to do much layering this fall/winter season thus far.  I’m sure the brutally cold weather is coming soon & I am so ready.

IMG_9977IMG_9978 Decided to have a little fun mixing prints with a pop of color.

IMG_9976All items remixed from my current wardrobe.

IMG_9980 Items worn:

Red baseball cap (no longer available): Old Navy

Gold sequin “Ahoy” sweater (no longer available): Old Navy

Camouflage skinny jeans (color no longer available): Old Navy

Leopard print slide-ons (color no longer available): Old Navy

Exact items no longer available, but similar can be purchased at Old Navy or those retailers previously listed.


Casual Flow

IMG_9909Saturday’s errand attire out & about in the streets of Atlanta.  Believe it or not thought is put into my errand outfits too.  It was pretty gloomy, but not raining; no need for rain boots. Decided on a casual pair of oxfords instead. I already knew denim on denim was my choice, now I needed to decide on a statement piece.  Hmmmm, that’s where the Noral DeCarlo tie came in.  Once I had the entire fit on, hair & make up done I felt one last thing was needed; the over sized glasses. Perfect!!!


Jacket added later for the cooler weather.  Oh yeah, all items from my current wardrobe.


IMG_9918 Items worn:

Denim button down (old): Target

Destructed boyfriend denim (old): GAP

Pink, green & black tie: Noral DeCarlo via

Gold tone oxfords (old): Target

Camouflage jacket (old): Old Navy

Over sized glasses: Unknown, but can be purchased anywhere accessories are sold

Gold “Love” bracelet & gold 2 finger “Love” ring (old & jewelry available in store only): Old Navy

Gold midi rings (exact available in store): H&M

Blue watch (old): Fossil

For those exact items that are no longer available similar items can be purchased at the retailers listed above or those listed previously.  It’s okay shop around. Shop small businesses & boutiques for originality.


Casual Flow

IMG_9894Thursday’s casual work look using all items from my current wardrobe.  Well, the cardigan & cowboy boots are a few other forgotten items recently found in my closet.  The cardigan hasn’t been worn in well over a year.  Why?????  I have no idea; simply forgotten.  The boots now, were worn last winter; not completely forgotten.  I say forgotten because they weren’t my first choice.

Decided to layer the cardigan with a navy blue with white polka dot button down & pair of skinny jeans.IMG_9902

I’ve totally been excited about all of the casual days we’re having at work.  Part of me wishes they’d change the dress code indefinitely to casual.  Really, one can dress up a casual look.  Heck, I sure can! Wishful thinking, I know.


Items worn:

Ash brown cardigan (old): New York and Company

Navy blue with white polka dot button down (old): Target

Miss Me skinny stretch denim: Buckle

Rampage Wellington cowboy boot: Macy’s

Suzy Statement necklace: Luxe Statements

The older items are no longer available, but similar can be purchased at the retailers listed above or those previously listed. The other items are still available for purchase at the retailers listed.

I challenge you to go through your closets, pull out those forgotten pieces & wear them.  Email me at for inquiries.


Casual Flow

IMG_9882Yesterday’s sneaker day was compliments of a fitness expo at work. An expo I did not partake in, yet took full advantage of wearing sneakers.

Yes, I do wear sneakers from time to time.  Every woman’s closet should have at least one pair of sneakers.  My closet actually has about 5 pairs; these being the only pair of Jordan’s though.  The 9’s are my favorite pair.  To my surprise earlier this year these Jordan Retro 9 Barons released just in time for a nice spring gift to myself. And a lovely gift it was!


The red Old Navy baseball cap used to add a spot of color.

All items from my current wardrobe.


Items worn:

Jordan Retro 9 Barons: Foot Locker

Red baseball cap (color not available): Old Navy

White & black skull scarf (available): Amazon

Grayish black skinny denim (similar available): Charlotte Russe

White side zipped sweatshirt (no longer available): Kohl’s

Black faux leather jacket (available): Target

Similar items can be purchased for those no longer available at the retailers listed above or previously listed. The Jordan’s however, may be available for purchase via private seller or when next release.


Casual Flow

Decided to try Bantu knot twist outs on my hair finally.  Actually liked it; Not bad for a first try.


Needless to say the fro went perfect with my casual Friday’s work fit.  Remember, previously I mentioned my love for camouflage?  Well, here I go in my favorite pair of camo khakis from GAP. I try hard not to wear them often as they are my “go to” pair of casual pants.  They look awesome with any top, can be dressed up or down; basically they function like a pair of jeans.

IMG_9834Oh yeah, all items from my current wardrobe, merely remixed. IMG_9836

Items worn:

Pink oxford button down: Old Navy

Suzy statement necklace: Luxe Statements

Camouflage broken-in straight Khakis: GAP

Rampage combat boots: Belk

All exact items available at the retailers listed however, the khakis are no longer available in camouflage.  Other colors available.


Business Casual

Alright guys, I really have an issue! I have a closet of clothes with items that are barely worn or never worn. Don’t get it twisted now, I don’t have tons of clothes, but I sure do have enough to substantiate not buying any for a while.  The problem is, I get bored with the same things then buy more to add to what’s already there.  Heck, if funds weren’t an issue I’d surely be apt to purchasing a new wardrobe yearly with the exception of those few items I just totally love.  Since that’s not the case, I try to hold on to those pieces I know I’ll wear over & over, getting rid of those I know I can live without.


This Sunday I challenged myself to wear items within my wardrobe that haven’t been worn in years.  Not only did I find clothing, but also found boots that weren’t worn last winter.  Strange thing is all items worn I actually really like, yet seemed to have forgotten about them.  Tisk, tisk, tisk!!!  I mean down to the accessories (handbag & necklace) were completely neglected.

IMG_9805                                                   IMG_9807

Items worn:

Blush pink long cardigan set: New York & Company

Royal blue corduroy pencil skirt: Old Navy

Colin Stuart slouchy boots: Victoria’s Secret (brand no longer available via VS)

Necklace: Dress Barn

Ostrich handbag: Avon

Exact items no longer available, but similar can be purchased at the retailers listed above or those previously listed.


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