Let’s Articulate Your Style/What I Love Doing

When you look good, you feel good

We all want to be taken seriously while being self- expressive & confident. Often, how we dress is how we feel; therefore let’s dress how we want to feel & how we want to be perceived. When we look good we feel good; dressing with a little extra oomph can boost confidence and give you a different swagger.

Image Consulting

Self-confidence & image are everything when it comes to making a first & lasting impression. Let styledbyJReid assist with creatively expressing yourself and creating that image you want.
The goal is to make you look & feel your best by collaborating with you through coordinating outfits, displaying multiple wardrobe options, providing pointers on clothing & styles that best suit your body type and educating you on pattern mixing, textures & colors to bring out your own unique style.

  • a. Personal Shopping
  • b. Closet Editing
  • c. Event Attire
  • d. Corporate Attire


Keep Maybe Toss (KMT) Party

We all enjoy small get-togethers; why not host one where we’re killing 2 birds with 1 stone? Enjoy the company of 4 to 5 close friends & have them share in the fun of deciding which items from your wardrobe you should KEEP, MAYBE keep (straddling the fence) or simply TOSS.

With this service there will be an initial consultation where we select items from your wardrobe placing them aside for the KMT Party. (Depending on the size of your wardrobe all items cannot be addressed the day of the party.)Those are the items your friends will help you decide whether to KEEP, MAYBE keep or TOSS. We’ll discuss your favorite places to shop in order to potentially replace those items placed in the TOSS basket.

For the KMT Party I’ll provide you with a list of consignment shops & donation locations where the tossed pieces can be taken & will provide the invitations, the KMT paddles for your friends to use in the decision making, KMT- KEEP MAYBE TOSS baskets & clothing rack.

Next we will focus on the MAYBE basket. Obviously those are items that cause confusion & styledbyJReid can offer some suggestions on how to wear or create an outfit for any occasion.

Finally we will create as many outfits as possible using the items from the KEEP & MAYBE baskets.

Together we will decide whether or a not we’ll mosey on to the mall or a boutique to add pieces to your wardrobe.


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